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Nov 2, 2013 12:30pm PDT
president obama s on shooting some tough questions regarding the news it's eleven clients but fisher the press milan says is visibly getting under the oppression of vatican sources and then when the trade. room. lacking india's concerns over the snow pace of progress in the twenty six eleven case in pockets. us president barack obama asked prime minister nawaz sharif why the trial of malaya tacos don't stock it jordan to meeting the us has also raised the issue along with the law. cross border terrorism and all the sugar industry the pockets on the doctor who had the c i a time gone by the chief osama bin london. it has been in prison. sunny anti terrorism court conducting the malayan tax stride. he showed some monster for witnesses and coating the center of a bowl that was used by attendance could attack by terrorists to reach india. even as it boasts pulled the hitting of the case but two weeks hassan says the great vaults of the cross examination of indian witnesses by a puff piece on the judicial commission in connection with the attacks case i don't freeze or stop by. on the pro
Oct 31, 2013 11:30pm PDT
. >> allowing the pipeline to be built -- >> president obama has said he would approve keystone xl provided that it does not increase greenhouse gas emissions, the congressman has little faith that he will act. >> i do not think he will make the decision. >> you think he will leave the decision undone and definitely -- indefinitely? >> their plan is to delay it out of existence. they have done a dam good job of it so far. >> so many issues and so money topics to discuss. -- so many topics to discuss. derek campbell, energy security expert. what is the problem with the pipeline? it seems to me the environmentalists and the business folks are trying to get this done. there has been a lot of discussion. part of the pipeline is already getting built. >> as we were just discussing, it has become a political issue. most of the audience misunderstand that the xl part is in addition to the existing pipeline. >> we have pipelines everywhere. >> it is a big spaghetti bowl. this is an addition to increase the volumes we could get from alberta. it has been under review for the entire time. i am sure th
Nov 16, 2013 12:30pm PST
off which toppled. if obama if bought in. tenants would topple. new meanings with talks have taken place since the election of them the last of the government and fiscal does rise could signal the start of the new beaded on certainty. but it's in the order the home state the region. for more than two minutes to firm on monday bruce bought this on the postcard. with over the country to host a two thousand and eleven said his body had never trusted the gabon. no matter who headed the group. the dollar budget read this. i don't call them because they have tetanus and i've been consistently stated that the obnoxious into pockets on them and them not sincere to install. in the southern port city of karachi. christians but he would be apprehensive about the new live on the go available for this to the mother. and then it would have been at the given on what is the commodity. we build on them live. sunday was on the toes that no civil or they don't hold up well will come at a given us so that i'll get done at the dome of the best with your desk. he said that there is no milk no money for
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)